Micro-Scholarships Take Bite Out of Tuition


Applying for scholarships can be tough / Shutterstock

It’s hard to get scholarships. Generally, it involves filling out a whole lot of applications during your already busy senior year. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get scholarships for regular school and extracurricular achievements? Well, there’s actually a way to do that. Micro-Scholarships are like regular scholarships, but they’re small and you don’t have to do anything extra special to get them. Just by being the awesome person you are, you can earn lots of scholarships from lots of different schools up to $1,000 each. Getting A’s and B’s or joining clubs can really help you pay for college, and chances are, you’re already doing some of those things anyway. All that’s left to do is sign up for a Micro-Scholarship program, which can be done in a few minutes, online, for free.

Called Micro-Scholarships for their small amounts and quick attainability, they can be a helpful way to prepare for college while earning money toward attendance. According to Micro-Scholarships website Raise.me, the goal of Micro-Scholarships is to help high school students set attainable goals related to college success and to reward them with much needed school funds. Scholarships can be earned by getting good grades, joining clubs and sports teams, attending college events, and doing community service. Programs are free through donations from colleges and other organizations.

So, say you started a club based around your interest in the leaf-based origami technique known as palm folding. Normally, you would have to look for scholarship opportunities for which your DIY hobby-oriented leadership experience might fit. Micro-Scholarships, however, allow you to just add that cool info right into your online profile and rake in the cash. Sit back, relax, and fold some palm fronds into a few nifty elaborate bird shapes because you’re going to college.

Basically, these little scholarships let you take what you’re already doing and use it to make money for college. You can start whenever. You don’t have to wait until your senior year to start earning scholarships. You can earn as you move through school and by the time you graduate these small scholarships can really add up. Micro-Scholarships are a cool way to take off some of the cost of college tuition, one little bit at a time.