Island Reproductive Health Initiative

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 1.33.37 PMIsland Reproductive Health Initiative (IRHI) promotes healthy, safe, and responsible choices when partaking in sexual activities. We provide confidential, local medical care and financial assistance when needed. The group also provides free condoms at various locations throughout Eastsound, such as in the mailbox of the Senior Center, in the restroom of the family health center, at the front counter of Orcas Medical Center, in the restroom of the Kitchen, in the dressing room of the Sequel, and in the dressing room of the Fashion Fairy (check our Facebook page or the back of an IRHI card to see all the rest of these locations).

Teens Reps: (Will confidentially answer questions, direct you to resources, or to a medical professional) Taj Howe, Halle Thompson, Anneke Fleming, Maggie Thomas, William Coe, Cassidy Buehler and Hailey Crowe.

Facebook address:

IRHI Website address: (has other resources & hotline on site)