Homecoming Recap

Homecoming King and Queen

2017 Homecoming King and Queen Vanya Bullock and Journey Howden, joined by goat on a float, Sadie / Photographer: Chris Waage

Homecoming week was a great success. Spirit week passed full of bright colors and inventive outfits throughout the week. The themed spirit week included Movie Star Monday, Twin Tuesday, Workout Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Spirit Friday. Between the wall decorations, lip syncs, homecoming royalty, and the homecoming dance, there was lots of excitement and energy.

The five spirit days were fantastic. On Monday, there were several movie stars running around campus. The winners were Hayden Simpson and Vanya Bullock as the classic characters of Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan. On Tuesday, Jessie Nichols and Astasia Monahan won as a colorful pair of twin rainbows. On Wednesday, Luke Pietsch won, sporting a pair of boxing gloves and a protein-powder purse. Thursday was full of memories and primordial times; dressing from the 80s, Leonai Van Putten won. Finally, Friday was decked out in blue and white. Arla Sutton and Alanna Lago were the winners. The overall winner of spirit week was Meg Waage, who dressed up as Audrey Hepburn, was a twin with Emma Thoron and Paris Wilson, wore a workout outfit, dressed in a Renaissance-aged gown, and wore a Viking helmet and cape.

At the spirit assembly, classes showed off a week’s worth of practice in their lip-syncs; the senior’s dynamic dance won with flying colors. After the spirit assembly, classes created floats for the parade, marching to the Village Green. The senior and freshman floats tied for first place.

Although the week was filled to the brim with activities, the previous and following weekends were as well. On the Sunday before homecoming week, there was an eight hour period of time spent solely on the decoration of the school’s halls and stairs. The whole school showed up to decorate their class hall in their proscribed theme. The school’s theme this year was movie genres; the seniors picked musicals, the juniors selected Bollywood, the sophomores went with ‘80s teen drama, and the freshmen decided on horror. After eight hours of hard work and an evaluation done by the school staff, the freshmen won the hall contest.

After the busy week had finished, the students got to celebrate their hard work at the homecoming dance that took place on Saturday night. The evening was spent dancing, listening to music, and some enthusiastic singing. It was a night of laughter, being with friends, and balloons. All in all, the entire process was a huge accomplishment for the school and community.