Goodbye Ed; Hello Fauntleroy

Fauntleroy kills Ed / Photographer: Hunter Knapp

Ed is dead! And we killed him!

The long-time mascot of the Viking Voice has finally been usurped, overtaken by the up-and-comer Fauntleroy Fuzzington. Ever since his discovery in a computer room garbage can, Ed has been providing dubious advice to students and silently standing guard over the Viking Voice Altoids. Born into a poor family, Ed clawed his way out of poverty and printer scraps to where he is now. Even when the world seemed against him, he never stopped fighting.

Fauntleroy, meanwhile, is a relative newcomer to the island. Born in a field somewhere north of Seattle, he moved around throughout his childhood until settling down on Orcas Island. Using his guile and fuzzy charisma, Fauntleroy began to appear in every Viking Voice issue, hiding behind pancakes or stuck between paragraphs. Over time, he grew bolder, soon appearing out in the open, slowly and insidiously taking attention away from his rival, Ed. Before long, there were calls to replace Ed with Fauntleroy as the new Viking Voice mascot.

When the referendum finally came to pass, Fauntleroy won with an astounding 107% of the vote (even people outside of the club voted for him). Following these Hussein-like results, the honorable Fauntleroy Fuzzington has been declared the new Viking Voice official mascot. We reached out to Ed for comments, and he told us, “I really can’t be too mad. I had a good run, and honestly, I’m just happy I made it this far.”

“Y’know, I’m actually glad about it,” he added, clearly holding back tears. “Now… I’m free to do whatever. Yeah, I’m actually happy I’m not the mascot anymore.”

Fauntleroy, aloof as ever, declined to comment on the recent victory, likely out partying in celebration.