Emergency Valentine’s Gifts!

A Valentine’s gift with a lot of effort put into it. / Contributed Photo

​​Need a last minute gift for Valentines? Well, here is your guide, written by a woman and approved by several teenagers. But the real question is, why haven’t you gotten a gift yet? I hope you are a fast reader, because you have only got a few hours to get something for that special someone: friend, group, or romantic partner.

– Jewelry, especially matching pairs. While purchasing, do consider the following: do they actually wear jewelry? Are they a necklace, ring, bracelet, or ring person? What are their favorite colors, animals, shapes … and do they have their ears pierced? There’s a whole section at Ray’s Pharmacy dedicated to handmade island jewelry.

– A hat, shirt, or funny pair of socks. Plenty at Ray’s.

– Chocolates, obviously. But consider their preferences. Most people like milk chocolate, but there are plenty of people who like dark chocolate (me) and white chocolate (not me, but if you like it, I guess you do you).

– Caramels. If they do not like chocolate, get caramels. Or gum. Or their favorite candy. A snack is always a great option for a valentines gift.

– A cute plushie, because who doesn’t like a cute plushie animal? Ray’s has got a whole section.

– Really nice candles/incense, especially ones that smell edible or forest-y.

– Flowers, and a big bunch of them.

– A book. You might want to research on their novel preferences before getting one, though.

– An inside joke gift: if you can make this work, it will definitely be a hit.

– A card game for you and some people to play with. I suggest Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, and definitely NOT Uno or Monopoly. If you have played one of those games against that one person, you would know why it is not a good idea.

– A dinner, if you have some spare money to splurge on that special someone. Madrona Grill or Lower Tavern are good spots.

– Crystals, rocks, or any sort of hippie dippie baloney, for the hippies out here.

– Definitely a card. You can buy one, but the best cards are the ones that are handmade and put effort into.

– Cannot buy flowers? Find some around your property and make your own bouquet, because who’s gonna stop you?

– Winter getting in the way of flower growth? Do not worry, because paper flowers are always an option, and are also preservable. Just make sure that you can craft them up quickly.

– A nice, warm hug and a “thanks for being my friend.” Everyone really appreciates when someone else shows their appreciation for them, so letting them know that you care for them is a great way to show your love on Valentines.

– A drawing, if you have it in you.

Hope this helped. Start brainstorming…