Ellie’s Poetry


The sun sits heavy on the hill

It’s light dusts the lakewater

Through some pattern of mirrors

The sunlight rests on my skin


It ebbs and flows as lakewater does

Little silvers of warmth

That soak, permeate

My pale winter’s thighs


I want to pen this feeling

I want to press it into paper

Like a wildflower from my haven

But this is just my drive home


Do you hear that?

I lay belly up

Pink and exposed as salmon

In a cold green lake

Under lukewarm

Late spring sun


The water pushes its hands

Into the small of my back

It whispers

“I am, I am,

I am, I am.”


I lay belly up

The more I look

At the green of the lake

I see less and less color

More and more reflection


“I am, I am,

I am, I am.”