Ellie’s vivaciously vulnerable vigorous verses

Beautiful Orcas Island / Photographer: Hunter Knapp


When I was younger


I would pour honey into raspberries


And I would lay


In the itchy fresh cut grass


The sprinkler raining over my head


I would close my eyes


Let the sun shine through my eyelids


Form red, splotchy


Kaleidescope impressions


Of the world around me


I would close my eyes


And pretend I have wings


These days, the divinity of August


Is dampened by twelve hour shifts


By budgeting gas money


And coming home at nine p.m.


Just to make a late lazy dinner


Out of a microwave package


But some days


I lay in bed


And the sun falls in specks on my chest


It is warm and I smile


I hear the birds


I could almost pretend I have wings



The whitewashed walls of a Christian church


Push my shoulder blades flat


The planks fit like missing pieces


Into the notches in my vertebrae, and that makes me laugh


It’s funny to me, how when I give up


On trying to change the place, and let the place change me


Epiphanies roll like the incoming tide


Like traffic spilling onto a highway, mangled and free


And the cars are coming faster now


They’re speeding, speeding up


Flying down the coast and jumping in the sea


The water fills them up like plastic cups


I will sit, and wait, and watch


Take note and notice of all these things


From my perch behind the Christian church


The choir starts to sing