Ellie’s Poetry












The Exact Middle

My feet are different weights,                much like my arms

and the two sides                                  of my head.

The pressures and stresses                    of my pedestrian life

are redistributed in lead                        across my form.

So, I am lopsided                                   and misshapen,

if I am truly                                           a miracle creation,

why have I been built like                      an old decrepit home?


I will spit in vulgar Latin                        at the fates

who seem to                                        use me as a buoy

to tie off broken                                      wooden boats on.

But now my arms                –                posts are falling over

with the splintered vessels                    and lost aspirations.

How should I keep                              them all afloat?

When I, myself,                                     am almost

ready to drown?



Standing proud and tall

As the battlefield grows dimmer

You cannot call

Yourself a winner


Once you have beat,

Fought, killed, and maimed

You have lost too much humanity

To stand before your god without shame


Solider boy,

Your cause is dead

So, answer me

This riddle:


Who is victorious,

If everyone is immoral?

The wishbone cracked straight

Down the middle


After the afterlife

After the ending

The final closure

The release and completion

Life and death depleted


Religion becomes obsolete

After the afterlife

For then we’re all one

A part of the earth,       apart from our mortal runs


Cohesion and purebred peace

Lives only with the dead

If once six feet under, we decompose without wars left to fight,

Shouldn’t we all step into the light?


Author’s Note:

The rain and the clouds last December triggered many a musing on religion and sin, right and wrong, life and death. These are poems that, when written, I would’ve never let see the light of day. I share them in confidentiality with the world and hope you will treat my words kindly.