Do We Really Love Valentine’s Day?

Ah … Valentine’s Day. The day we know as the day of celebrating love, or is it? The roots of the holiday go all the way back to ancient Rome. The festival of Lupercalia, a Pagan festival of fertility, commemorated on Feb. 15. Pope Gelasius recast the holiday as a Christian feast to honor St. Valentine, and moved the date of observation to Feb. 14. After hearing that I thought, what do you people think about Valentine’s Day? Here is what a few people said:

Ella Nelson


Ella Nelson doesn’t love Valentine’s Day, but really loves the day afterward because of the discount of chocolate that those vegan and dieting couples don’t buy.



Pearl Mudd does not love Valentine’s Day because it is “just a way for commercial businesses to make profit by selling plastic and paper items”. Also, because not a lot of people know the history and meaning of Valentine’s Day itself.



Aidan Kruse thinks that Valentine’s Day is “pretty cool” and appreciates the boost in profits that it gives to corporations and restaurants.



Twelve people were asked how they felt about Valentine’s Day. All 12 said that they don’t like Valentine’s Day, except for Aidan. The real question is: if the history of Valentine’s Day were expressed and taught more, would we feel the same way?