An Ode to the Seniors of the Viking Voice

Logan pretends he can read / Photographer: Forest Friedli

Bella Evans: You bring so much energy and spirit to the Viking Voice. Your time here has brought a peak era to our horoscope section. Thank you for introducing me to all combinations of wafers and cream cheese that I never could have imagined myself, and giving me all the advice on guys in Ireland that I never knew I needed. Thank you (and Gray) for being some of the best co-editors I could’ve ever had.

Gray Gailey: Thank you for being a voice of reason and an incredible writer and editor. You picked up the slack whenever we struggled and brought the publication out better on the other side. Thank you also for the vegetarian solidarity through questionable school lunch meat substitutes. Thank you (and Bella) for being some of the best co-editors I could have possibly had.

Meriel Griffith: Your snail comics will live forever in our hearts and in our minds. Oh, and in old copies of the Viking Voice. Thank you for your contributions!

Mona Evans: You are probably the most prolific writer I have ever met on the Viking Voice. You are incredible. Thank you for supplying us with book and movie reviews galore.

Ryan Krisch-Derr: You have connected with the student body in such an impressive way through Student of the Month. It has been an incredible column and I thank you for all of your work. (Also, thank you for making the money absolutely rain around here. We haven’t seen that in a while.)

Logan Jones: I’m not sure anyone can replace you, Logan. Who else could I possibly find to throw hysterical article ideas into the air and then never be able to commit to just one? All jokes aside, you have a great mind that will continue to create great things. Go forth and create!

Sam Wickstrand: Our sports reporter and ultimate crossword helper! I’m so glad that your time with us here at the Viking Voice has inspired you to go forth into the world of journalism, it means a lot to me that all of us were able to inspire you in that way.

Elijah Giampietro: Thank you for being the fashionable palm plant in the corner of the Viking Voice. You’ve been a great contributor.

Roan Ontjes-DeGroot: There will never be an end to the gratitude I feel for you. You have been not only a wonderful yearbook co-editor but a phenomenal member of the Viking Voice. When I was sleepy and felt like cutting corners you always kept me committed to creating the best product we possibly can. As much as I complain about your incessant perfectionism, I thank you. You are one of the best.

Hunter Knapp: I find myself saying the same thing over and over again: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don’t know how to thank you enough. You have carried this entire publication on your back. We genuinely would not be here without you. All of your hours at layout, your constant commitment to this publication, and endless contribution of cat photos have made this publication what it is. Send us so many Fauntleroy photos once you’re gone.